Sunculture | Samir Ibrahim


Solar Powered Pay-as-you-grow System

 Farmers across Africa face many challenges including: unreliable rainfall, low crop yields, high-energy costs, lack of access to modern farming technology and insufficient access to capital. In Kenya, for example, there are 5.4 million hectares of arable land, but only 17% of this land is suitable for rain fed agriculture, leaving the remainder in need of irrigation and pumping technology.  Seeing this as an opportunity, Samir Ibrahim founded SunCulture in 2013 as a turnkey solar irrigation solution to smallholder farmers. The one-stop shop provides on-farm training, soil analysis and agronomy support by mobile phone and a Pay-as-you-grow financing program. SunCulture’s products replace expensive and environmentally harmful petrol pumps with a more efficient, environmentally friendly and affordable solar powered solutions. The combination of solar power energy efficiency and the effectiveness of drip irrigation results in the best solution for farmers, at a cost they can afford. The full SunCulture system makes it cheaper and easier for farmers to grow higher quality crops and increase their yields by 300% or more. The organization services farmers in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Zambia with the company’s headquarters located in Nairobi, Kenya.