MUrgency Inc. | Shaffi Mather


International Emergency Response Platform 

Over six billion people lack sufficient access to emergency care. Globally, more people die from injuries than from AIDS, malaria, and TB combined. Many could be saved by timely medical care. Emergency response has not fully applied the technology, connectivity, and social models currently transforming the way we work together.  Shaffi Mather leads a tech startup, MUrgency, that uses the power of cloud technology to aggregate existing medical resources to deliver quick, efficient, effective and inexpensive emergency medical response to a patient or victim by alerting the nearest medical responder online. The new One Global Emergency Response Network aims to transform emergency services where no such infrastructure exists in the Global South and in the developed world where good infrastructure exists but is stretched due to increasing calls and reducing budgets.  The One Global Emergency Response Network is a worldwide community-based network of people helping people, available to anyone, anytime, anywhere at the tap of a mobile phone. Building on the technology and success of MUrgency’s proven work, the platform enables people in urgent need to instantly mobilize local qualified first responders, cutting down response times to health or relief points and overcoming scarcity of public emergency services.