Poverty Stoplight | Jimena Vallejos


Poverty Stoplight: A customized poverty elimination plan

Martin Burt developed Poverty Stoplight after realizing that many of his microfinance clients remained below the poverty line despite access to credit. His Foundation set out to design an integrated approach that facilitates poverty elimination, by providing both a metric and a methodology for families to quantify their level of poverty and identify customized strategies to address specific deprivations.  The Poverty Stoplight app shows families three images, categorized as red, yellow or green, for each predetermined poverty indicator.  Families then select the image that most closely resembles their reality.  When the survey is finished, a clear picture of the families’ poverty strengths and weaknesses is apparent.  Afterwards a personalized coaching and mentoring program is established to support them in designing a poverty elimination plan based on their motivation and skills.  Poverty Stoplight is now in more than 20 countries being deployed by 24 partner Organizations.