Global Vision | J. Kevin White


Eyeglasses for All

It is estimated that there are 2.5 billion people in the developing world that need, but have no access to eyeglasses.  Current conventional eyeglasses distribution programs rely on well-trained optometrists or ophthalmic nurses to properly diagnose refractive error and provide accurate prescriptions. They also require a skilled technician to grind the appropriate lenses, and assemble the glasses. This infrastructure is both extremely expensive, and extremely rare in most of the developing world (approximately 1 optometrist to 1 million patients in Africa).  Kevin White designed the USee to be simple enough to use with less than a day of training. The USee system can be used anywhere, by virtually anyone. It provides patients with accurate prescriptions in stylish, lightweight, functional eyeglasses. The USee itself is a diagnostic tool that allows the patient to adjust the refractive power on the lens in front of their eye in a smooth and simple way, making the transition from blurry vision to clear vision very intuitive (much like a pair of binoculars). Once the patient finds their most clear vision, they can be re-tested on an eye chart, ensuring that they have improved their vision to the maximum possible extent. With this prescription, the refractionist can assemble a pair of custom eyeglasses, ensuring that the patient receives the best prescription for each eye. Once the glasses are assembled, a final and immediate visual acuity check ensures that the patient receives the best possible prescription. The USee system is in Mozambique in High Schools, and in Ghana in remote villages, both using local nationals as dispensers.