Chipsafer | Victoria Alonsoperez


Livestock Tracking Technology and Dashboard

In 2001, Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) caused more than half a billion dollars of economic losses in Uruguay. Cattle diseases such as FMD and the long duration of the decontamination process can have devastating economic and health effects on entire regions and countries.  If rural farmers could track the location and health of their livestock, diseases like Foot and Mouth could be detected and treated or eradicated earlier. In 2012, Victoria Alonsoperez invented Chipsafer, a patented platform that tracks cattle remotely and autonomously.  Now rural farmers in Uruguay, via a live-time tracking dashboard, can know where their animals are and receive warnings if anomalies are detected or if they move into dangerous areas.  Information collected by a device on the animal is transmitted to servers providing actionable information about the performance of the livestock enabling rural farmers to improve production and protect precious livestock.  Chipsafer is currently used in Australia, Brazil, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Uruguay.